Shipping Instructions

Please immediately put your trophy in the freezer!!!! Also, please fill out the order form, if you are local I will save you some shipping & arrange for pickup directly. This will guarantee that the package is handle with the greatest amount of care & it allows me to begin work right away. If shipping is a must please do the following;

Freeze solid, and double wrap in plastic garbage bags. Label the outside with customer's name.  Complete & enclose a packing slip. Please use the provided PACKING LIST. Place the packing list in a Ziploc bag in the box to ensure that nothing will be discarded or overlooked. Pack the box tightly, especially around antlers, with crumpled newspaper to keep head(s) from shifting. Seal all box seams completely with packing tape.

Ship all packages on Monday, to ensure delivery within the week. OR HAVE IT SHIPPED OVERNIGHT. Make sure box is marked: "Perishable Taxidermy Items" I will call or email you when your box arrives to confirm delivery. The above shipping guidelines must be followed to meet the requirements of all major carriers, USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Improperly packaged, thawed, foul smelling, and/or leaking packages are considered un-deliverable by these carriers, and will not make it to their destination. Flawless Skulls is not responsible for damaged or un-deliverable packages.


Shipping Address

Flawless Skulls
66 Oak Trl
Birmingham, AL 35242

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