As fellow sportsman, I know how important it is to remember the times you were blessed with a trophy. A way of doing that is having the trophy on your wall; do just that with a beautiful European (aka Western, or Dakota) mount, for a fraction of the cost of a regular taxidermy mount. I take pride in my work. when your trophy leaves my studio, it will a mount that I would want on my wall.


How I Do Business

After looking through my "Prices" page, and you have decided you would like a mount done. Fill out the order form along with any special mounting options you may or may not want. Submit the form, I will respond within 24 hrs (or I will give you a 15% discount), notifying you I have received your request.  Next step is to follow the shipping procedures on the "Shipping" page. Once your trophy has arrived I will again notify you of its arrival. Upon completion of your trophy, I will email pictures of the finish product to ensure you are happy with it. Ensuring you are happy with your trophy is my number one priority. Once you have confirmed that you are satisfied with your mount, then payment can be submitted on the "Pay On Line" page. Once I have seen payment is posted I will return mail (or deliver) the mount, while providing a tracking number.

What Can I Do For You

My entire work force is made up of thousands of dermestid beetles. My employees are some of the hardest working employees; working around the clock to clean your trophy. Dermestid beetles is nature's way of ridding of dead animals.Beetles are the safest way of preserving your trophy, the most known method is to boil your trophy. This can have ill effects on your skull, extreme heat damages the finer bones of the skull and also damages the connecting tissues of the skull bone itself. This can result in shorten life span of your trophy. Also boiling will force the grease & fats deeper into the skull, after an extended amount of time (3-5 years) the trophy will yellow as the grease & fats begin to surface. At Flawless Skulls, your trophy will never endure any temps higher than room temp. I also offer different mounting options, as well as hydro dipped skulls with various designs.

Another service that I offer is dressing up an old European mount. If you have a skull that did not turn out quite as well as you wanted, I can help.

For any addition questions or comments please contact me.

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